What are CPT Modifiers?

Modifiers (referred to as Level I modifiers ) are used to…

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What are CPT Modifiers?

Modifiers (referred to as Level I modifiers ) are used to supplement the information or adjust care descriptions to provide extra details concerning a procedure or service provided by a doctor.

Modifiers always are two characters (numbers or letters).

Modifiers do not typically alter the payment (increase or decrease fee).

One of the most common chiropractic modifiers is Modifier 25, which is used to report an Evaluation and Management (E/M) service on a day when another service was provided to the patient by the same doctor.

Ultimately, Modifiers do make sure the claim does get paid.

Billing with incorrect chiropractic CPT codes can lead to claim rejections and delays in payments, which can have a devastating impact on generating revenue and keeping you in business. 

If you are experiencing insurance claim denial, staff spending too much time trying to get claims paid, and patients asking why their claims have not been paid then H. J. Ross Company is your solution.

H.J Ross Company stays ahead of the curve on the latest trends and changes in billing and coding by utilizing their direct channel of communication with the insurance companies and organizations that set the guidelines.

There is a reason chiropractors have trusted H.J. Ross Company with their business for over 40 years.


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