Medicare: Getting Your Share of this $78.3 Trillion Market

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Host: Samuel Collins, The Billing Expert
Materials: Unlimited viewing and access for 60 days from the date of purchase to view replay the 3-hour video presentation includes a downloadable PDF (100+ pages) of course content including power-point slides.
Requirements: Internet connectivity and updated internet browser + computer with sound.
Security Restrictions: One unique IP address may access this course per purchase.
Additional Information: NO CEUs Provided, and No Refunds Once Course has been Accessed

Once accessed:

  1. The video instruction is approximately 3 hours and can be viewed at your pace unlimited amounts of time by one IP address.
  2. If you choose to watch the course in segments, just note the time stamp on the video and scroll forward to that point when you return
  3. Course access expires 60 days from purchase date
  4. Attached is the PDF of the presentation that you may print or download to your desktop to follow the video instruction. The PDF is 100+ pages in length.
  5. Please enjoy the quiz and we suggest to take it at the start and again once completed to help gauge comprehension

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Enhance your practice with Medicare and end the frustration and anxiety most Chiropractors have about Medicare

Medicare is not hard it is simply unique in how you code and bill. Yes, it is different from health insurance claims and must be done in the Medicare format. This course simplifies Medicare down to 4 steps so that you can get your claims paid and understand the requirements for reimbursement.

Learn the ins and outs of Medicare coding, billing, and documentation and have all the codes and modifiers at your fingertips. This course provides online learning environment designed for all chiropractic offices whether doctor or staff,  new or a veteran. Go at your pace ( you can stop, start and re watch the program for up to 60 days from purchase) and includes a 184-page manual that includes the requirements for all states and jurisdictions.

This course not only takes you from start to finish for coding and billing but also has protocols and solutions to denials and how to preempt them.

We also include certification by HJ Ross Seminars for all who complete the course and pass the test at the conclusion.

Make sure your office whether the doctor or staff get the tools and certification to be sure your Medicare protocols are compliant and most importantly reimbursed

What is covered in the Medicare Chiropractic Coding and Billing Webinar:

  • Chiropractic coverage specific for Medicare
  • The differences of Par to Non-Par with the pros and cons of each and Medicare enrollment
  • Understand the Medicare fees allowed when services are covered, maintenance, or excluded.
  • Diagnosis requirements both primary and secondary ICD10 diagnoses for all states (there are variances and not all states are the same)
  • Subluxation documentation requirements and how the adjustment must be documented on each visit
  • How to use and document the proper Medicare modifiers AT, GY, GP, and GY
  • How to determine and understand how Medicare defines care as acute or maintenance and what is considered flare-up, exacerbation, or recurrence.
  • Sample and formatted Advance Beneficiary Notice forms for both Par and Non-Par providers and specific on when they are used and required
  • Sample 1500 claim forms specific to your region (there are variances) as well as block by block 1500 claim instruction manual for paper and electronic claims.
  • How to format when Medicare is secondary
  • How to deal with Medicare Advantage plans
  • Common Medicare denials and errors and how to correct
  • Medicare documentation requirements for initial and follow up visits


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