Advanced Chiropractic Billing and Coding Seminar 

Date Instructor Speaker Location Type
11/20/2021 8am – 5pm Advanced Billing & Coding Seminar Sam Collins  Central Live Virtual Register
12/04/2021 8am – 5pm Advanced Billing & Coding Seminar Sam Collins East Coast Live Virtual Register
12/11/2021 8am – 5pm Advanced Billing & Coding Seminar Sam Collins Mid West Central Live Virtual Register

About The Seminar

Learning points covered at the Seminars.

Our Live Virtual Seminars provide you with the same information as our Live Seminars including 8 hours of CE’s.

Proper Diagnosis Coding for highest reimbursement

  • 2021 ICD10 Updates relevant to chiropractic claims with a 500+ quick reference list
  • CPT updates for 2021 with documentation requirements
  • Refine your coding skills and increase reimbursement
  • Easy to use validated outcome assessment tools to assure medical necessity
  • Templates and tools for proper documentation. Stop guessing

Cash Practice

  • Integrating cash and prompt pay discounts, legally know the rules of your state
  • How to integrate insurance to enhance a cash-only practice


  • 2021 updates for CPT and documentation requirements for chiropractic and physical medicine services
  • How to setup and code an active care, evidenced-based care plan
  • Learn and understand when use modifiers properly including 25, 59, XS, GP, and more
  • Learn what coding combinations and patterns will lead to an audit

Personal Injury

  • PIP and Med Pay claim management and the role of managed care
  • Common errors in justifying PI claims from diagnosis to care plans
  • What to do about lien claims and attorney requests for reduction?


  • 2021 fees, deductible, and your states diagnosis requirements.
  • Medicare documentation tools for easy compliance
  • 2021 ABN update with separate requirements for Par and Non-Par providers
  • Learn the easy and efficient protocols and avoid denials

Veterans Administration

  • How to register for the VA with TriWest or OptumHealth.
  • 2021 Chiropractic standard episode of care for CMT, E&M, Physical Medicine-including reimbursement for laser and more
  • Requirements for authorization
  • Fee schedules

Workers Compensation

  • Protocols and requirements of chiropractic care
  • 2021 fee schedules
  • How to manage denials and disputes
Learn from one of the chiropractic professional leaders in billing and coding for over 40 years. Used by malpractice and health insurance carriers on general issues relating to billing, coding, and documentation.

REFUND POLICY: If you book a seminar and need to cancel for any reason, a full refund is given as long as you notify us at least 30 days prior to the seminar date. Within 30 days of the seminar, we are pleased to offer a full credit in the amount paid. This credit will be used towards the payment of any future seminar within 12 months of original payment. In order to apply the credit that you have on file, simply call us and we can allocate that at your discretion.

CEUS: Up-to 8 CEUs awarded date and location dependent. Be aware that if a DC license is held in a state outside the host location, that state may not be approved (Example: Seminar is held in California, and doctor needs Pennsylvania credit). You must contact HJ Ross Company to verify if that state has been applied-to for continuing education. We do not apply to every state for every seminar and it is solely the Chiropractic doctors responsibility to verify this information, and refunds will not be granted POST seminar due to non-CEU eligibility.

Board of Chiropractic Examiners Impacts of Executive Order N-39-20On March 30, 2020

Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-39-20, authorizing the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to waive any of the professional licensing requirements relating to healing arts licensees in Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code, and any accompanying regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, the examination, education, experience, and training requirements necessary to obtain and maintain licensure, and requirements governing the practice and permissible activities for licensees.

The BOARD OF CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINERS (BCE)is working closely with the Department of Consumer Affairs to determine which licensing requirement waivers would allow individuals to continue assisting with the COVID-19 pandemic and allow licensees regulated by BCE to maintain and renew a license and remain employed.

Current waivers in place are:

Examination and continuing education requirements for current healthcare licensees.

Reactivation requirements for inactive, retired, or canceled licensees.

A full list of waivers will be placed on the DCA website as they are approved.

The BCE encourages licensed Doctors of Chiropractic to be part of the workforce to support the medical surge during this time of need. The state is in need for help at quarantine sites, testing sites, and medical surge facilities and needs assistance with pre-hospital triage and pharmacy services.

Interested medical and health care professionals are encouraged to for more information and to register for the California Health Corps.

The BCE thanks licensed DCs for doing their part during the COVID-19 health emergency.