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From $220 per person

We offer the most comprehensive seminars and webinars for Billing and Coding. Our expert speakers walk our clients through the insurance billing maze, to provide the necessary tools to easily achieve maximum billing reimbursement for the clinic. Take your clinic to the next level financially, by attending the most impactful seminar on the market!



Your HOTLINE to our Experts

Starting at $39 a month

Need help getting your claims paid? Got claims that have been denied? Resolve your Billing and Coding questions by joining now! Have quick and direct access to our Billing and Coding Experts via phone, fax or email via our dedicated Network Hotline

Digital Coding

Digital Coding

Starting at $14.99 a month

Our ICD code search tool, is the #1 resource online! In addition to code search, we have compiled the most important insurance documents and company guidelines for you to be as efficient as possible with your Billing Practices. We believe this is the most important tool to stay compliant, avoid claim denials, and potential for audit.



$47 a month

As an added cherry on top of the Billing Resources we offer, we have added the most complete HIPAA Compliance office management system! This system was built with a custom dashboard, and access to editable/printable sets of Policies, Procedures, and Forms, all at an incredibly low price. We’ve made this process as simple as possible, to go through the tasks you need to stay compliant. In addition, our system is ALWAYS up to date and will reflect any updates in real time.

Get Paid!Do you have claims that have been paid at a reduced rate?We can HELP!Need help with compliance issues?We can HELP!Have billing questions?We can HELP!Have your claims been denied?We can HELP!Need ICD updates?We can HELP!

Our Partners

"Sam is always very professional with updated info. He is very articulate and keeps the profession on their toes! I have been in practice 39 years and attend yearly to make certain that we were doing the right ethical, legal, and moral things in our practice. Thank you!"

Sacramento, CA

"Everything was wonderful! I learned (from a new perspective) many things that made many (billing) issues more clear.!"

Lombard, IL

"I have a lot of work to do to establish my business but I’m glad I have the right tools and the support of Sam Collins to help me through it!"

Lombard, IL

"Great seminar. I depend on these seminars every time they come around. It is essential to my practice. I also love the Digital Coding!"

San Jose, CA

"As always, 8 hours of useful information I can begin using right away!"

Lombard, IL

"I have been billing for 22 years and Sam is by far, the best! I feel like I am actually learning a ton from him."

San Francisco, CA

"This insurance seminar was the first one since I graduated. There are so many things that I didn’t know! Thank you Sam for your knowledge."

Los Angeles, CA

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About Us

H.J. Ross Company, one of the most highly trusted billing, coding, and compliance companies, has streamlined insurance operations for thousands of chiropractors nationwide for over 40 years.

Clients can depend on the H.J. Ross Company to provide the most up to date protocols and procedures, and to be your coach, making it easy for you and your staff to adapt to the changing climate within the insurance industry including codes, laws, and regulations related to the practice of chiropractic.

As director, Dr. Sam Collins believes that you should get paid. His history is firmly rooted in chiropractic, both as a chiropractor from a chiropractic family and now, as he is proudly regarded as “The Billing Expert” in the chiropractic profession. Several of Sam’s great accomplishments and accolades include the following;

Seminars. Education. ICD-10 codes.

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