About Digital Coding

Chiro Digital Coding is the first chiropractic ICD-10 Code search tool which contains chiropractic specific diagnosis that can be searched by body region, key word or diagnosis code. Expert Tip: As an added benefit, in the Document Library there are also specific insurance company guidelines which contain diagnosis specifics for chiropractic reimbursement according to each insurance carrier.

About the HJ Ross Company

Through the years, our clients have always depended on the H.J. Ross Company to come up with an easy way to deal with the overwhelming changes within the insurance industry. Therefore, our goal is to provide clients with high quality, time-saving and cost-effective products and services. That is why we created the chiropractic ICD-10 Code search tool. Although, many have tried to duplicate the services offered by HJ Ross, we continue to set the industry standard because we provide the highest standard of services available. There’s a reason Chiropractors who trusted us with their business 30 years ago still trust us today.

Digital Coding Features

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    The H.J. Ross Company has led the way on ethical billing, coding and reimbursements for the Chiropractic Profession for over 40 years. As a result, we know insurance, and it’s our business to ensure your success.
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    Digital Coding

    HJ Ross Digital Coding has revolutionized the coding experience. It is your online source for ICD codes, insurance documents and more.
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    The Network

    The HJ Ross Network was borne out of the need for providers and their staff to have immediate support for day to day questions and problems.
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    HIPAA Compliance Tools was designed to keep your practice safe, protect your reputation, and safeguard your patient’s sensitive information. A high quality HIPAA product with an affordable price. Need we say more?