Welcome to your Telemedicine

1. When billing for a telemedicine visit the place of service code is

2. A licensed provider may provide a telemedicine visit to a patient, the patient must be

3. Consent tor a telemedicine visit

4. A chiropractor (change to acupuncture provider for acu quiz) may bill an E&M code for a telemedicine visit as a qualified health care provider.


5. When counseling and/or coordination of care ____________________ the encounter with the patient (face to face time in the office setting) then time shall be considered the key or controlling factor to qualify for a particular level of E/M services.

6. Use of telemedicine codes 99421-99423 requires the patient be?

7. This modifier is required to indicate a telemedicine visit


8. Due to COVID Medicare is covering telemedicine visits for chiropractors


9. If the phone call leads to a visit within 24 hours or next available appointment the phone is


10. A staff person under supervision may provide a telemedicine visit




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