1. Take temperatures of all incoming patients [ and staff if possible ] each day;
  2. Anyone who has a high temperature and or shows signs of the potential virus are recommended to self-quarantine and get tested;
  3. Federal and state authorities are ramping up extensive drive-by testing. When it is available, everyone is encouraged to get tested;
  4. Place a notice on your office door that all surfaces in your clinic are regularly and thoroughly cleaned throughout the day;
  5. When a patient enters your office, make sure there is available hand sanitizer;
  6. Remove several of your chairs in the reception room to assure appropriate social distancing;
  7. Suggest your staff wear gloves—optional – the doctor should wear gloves and change with each visit or wash hands in front of the patient;
  8. Try to spread out appointments to avoid crowded waiting rooms;
  9. Reassure your patients that unless they are in the “high risk” group – elderly with co-morbidities—their risk is quite low.
  10. Grocery stores are remaining open and restocking regularly. Counsel patients and staff to avoid panic buying and to purchase only what is necessary for the possibility of several weeks of quarantine


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