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1. When billing for a telemedicine visit the place of service code is

2. A licensed provider may provide a telemedicine visit to a patient, the patient must be

4. A chiropractor (change to acupuncture provider for acu quiz) may bill an E&M code for a telemedicine visit as a qualified health care provider.


3. Consent tor a telemedicine visit

5. When counseling and/or coordination of care ____________________ the encounter with the patient (face to face time in the office setting) then time shall be considered the key or controlling factor to qualify for a particular level of E/M services.

6. Use of telemedicine codes 99421-99423 requires the patient be?

7. This modifier is required to indicate a telemedicine visit


8. Due to COVID Medicare is covering telemedicine visits for chiropractors


9. If the phone call leads to a visit within 24 hours or next available appointment the phone is


10. A staff person under supervision may provide a telemedicine visit


11. A provider may waive and not collect deductibles and copayments (coinsurance)

12. Medicare requires subluxation or segmental dysfunction as the primary diagnosis

13. The Medicare modifier required to indicate that an ABN was properly provided is?

14. The modifier required to indicate a physical medicine (PT codes) as payable for the VA is?