Chiropractors and health practitioners use a variety of diagnostic tests to help identify the specific nature of musculoskeletal injury or condition. Orthopedic tests aid to identify specific conditions and diagnosis.

This section has a variety of common orthopedic tests, how they are performed, what they indicate when positive and the potential diagnosis as a result. Corresponding codes for ICD9 and ICD10 are displayed for each test.

They are listed by body region as well as alphabetic list below.

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Head Shoulder Sacroiliac Hip and Thigh Knee Ankle Foot Cervical Spine Thoracic Spine Lumbosacral Spine Elbow and Forearm Wrist Hand
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Orthopedic Tests

Drawer Test, Anterior
Drawer Test, Posterior
Lachman's Test, Anterior
Adam's Sign
Ankle Eversion Test
Ankle Inversion Test
Anterior Drawer Test
Apley's Compression Test
Apley's Distraction Test
Apley's Scratch Test
Apprehension Test, Anterior
Apprehension Test, Posterior
Bakody's Sign
Bechterew's Test
Bikele's Sign
Bikele's Sign
Bounce Home Test
Brachial Plexus Tension Test
Brachial Plexus Tension Test
Braggard's Sign
Breathing Test
Bunnel Littler Test
Chest Expansion Test
Codman's Sign
Cozens Test
Cross-Over Impingement Test
Dawbarn's Sign
Dejerine's Sign
Distraction Test
Drawer Test, Anterior
Drawer Test, Posterior
Drop Arm Test
Duga's Test
Ely's Test
Finger Tap Test
Finkelstein's Test
Forestiers Bowstring Sign
Froment's Sign
Gaenslen's Test
Gillis?? Test
Goldthwait's Sign
Golfer's Elbow Test
Heel-Walk Test
Iliac Compression Test
Interdigital Neuroma Test
Jackson Compression Test
Kemp's Test
Kernig/Brudzinski Signs
Laguerre's Sign
Leg-Length Discrepancy Test (apparent)
Leg-Length Discrepancy Test (true)
Lewin-Gaenslen's Test
Maigne's Test
Max Compression Test
Mc Murray Test
Medial Lateral Grind Test
Milgram's Test
Nachlas' Test
Ober's Test
Patella Tap Test
Patellar Apprehension Test
Patellar Grind Test
Patrick's FABERE Test
Phalen Test
Pinch Grip Test
Piriformis Test
Pos Impingement Sign
Q-Angle Test
Rib Compression Test
Schepplemann's Sign
Shoulder Depression Test
SI Joint Fixation Test
Sitting Root Test
Soto Hall Test
Spinal Percussion
Spurling's Test
Sternal Compression Test
Straight Leg Raise Test
Straight Well Leg Raise Test
Swallowing Test
The Lewin Supine Test
Thomas Test
Thompson Test
Tinel's Sign
Toe-Walk Test
Trendelenburg's Test
Valgus Stress Test
Valsalva Maneuver
Varus Stress Test
Yeoman's Test
Yergason's Test