Diagnostic Codes

ICD-9▾▴ ICD-10▾▴ Description▾▴ Definition▾▴ Location▾▴
739.5Segmental somatic dysfunction, pelvis region (hip and pubic region) Lumbosacral Spine
739.4Segmental somatic dysfunction, sacral region Lumbosacral Spine
M48.061Spinal stenosis, lumbar region without neurogenic claudication (new 10-1-2017) Lumbosacral Spine
724.3M54.31Sciatica, right side Lumbosacral Spine
726.30Enthesopathy of elbow unspecified Elbow and Forearm

Orthopedic Tests

Orthopedic Test▾▴ Method▾▴ Diagnosis Indication▾▴ ICD9▾▴ ICD10▾▴
Codman's SignThis test is performed on patients with shoulder complaints. The examiner passively abducts the arm on the side of the complaint. The sign is considered present when the abduction can be done without pain and a sudden release of the patient's arm (with it above the horizontal, which causes the deltoid to suddenly contract) causes shoulder pain and a hunching of the shoulder due to the absence of rotator cuff function. The sign is indicative of a rotator cuff tear (Rupture of the Supraspinatus Tendon)Bursitis of right shoulder726.10M75.51

Correlated Diagnosis

Complaint/Symptom▾▴ Objective▾▴ Diagnosis Indication▾▴ ICD9▾▴ ICD10▾▴
Neck Pain no history of traumaCervical paraspinal muscles tender, reduced range-of-motion, grossly and segmentally. Orthopedic and neurologic exams normal.Cervicalgia (neck pain)723.1M54.2