Diagnostic Codes

ICD-9▾▴ ICD-10▾▴ Description▾▴ Definition▾▴ Location▾▴
739.4Segmental somatic dysfunction, sacral region Lumbosacral Spine
739.5Segmental somatic dysfunction, pelvis region (hip and pubic region) Lumbosacral Spine
739.3M99.03Segmental and somatic dysfunction, lumbar region (Medicare subluxation) Lumbosacral Spine

Correlated Diagnosis

Complaint/Symptom▾▴ Objective▾▴ Diagnosis Indication▾▴ ICD9▾▴ ICD10▾▴
Neck Pain no history of traumaCervical paraspinal muscles tender, reduced range-of-motion, grossly and segmentally. Orthopedic and neurologic exams normal.Cervicalgia (neck pain)723.1M54.2