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Chiropractic ICD 10 Codes

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The new chiropractic ICD 10 codes aren’t scheduled for use until October 1, 2015, but with over three times the number of chiropractic codes than in ICD 9 there has never been a better time to utilize the power of our proprietary, searchable software.

There are multiple advantages for chiropractors using our tools to find the patient-specific chiropractic codes needed for billing insurance companies. The increased specificity of ICD 10 demands accurate coding, but when faced with more than 68,000 individual codes and conditions where exactly does one start?

Our 2015 Digital Coding Directory not only allows you to search for chiropractic codes based on body region, keyword, or diagnosis code, it also includes specific insurance company guidelines for diagnosis-specific chiropractic reimbursement according to each health carrier.

Additionally, you have 24/7 access to all ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes chiropractic professionals use on a daily basis. The 2015 Digital Coding Directory also includes an ICD 9/10 Code Conversion Tool, that will help you make a seamless transition to the new protocols.

Digital Coding by HJ Ross Company is the only online billing and coding tool of its kind, and we are constantly making it better and more refined for the chiropractic professional. Built with only chiropractic codes in mind, there is no better or simpler way to handle your insurance billing. Users describe this tool as simple, functional, and “idiot proof.” Indeed, once you try Digital Coding our way, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Understanding Diagnostic Chiropractic Codes and How They Relate to Chiropractic Medicine

The “ICD” in ICD coding stands for International Classification of Diseases. This system assigns an alpha-numeric code to all possible diseases and injuries, spanning all fields and disciplines that fall within the broad scope of the medical profession.

Accurate ICD coding is essential for insurance company reimbursement. The challenge for chiropractors has always been to sort through the exhaustive list of codes to find the ones relative to the needs of their patients. Failure to correctly identify proper chiropractic codes could lead to non-reimbursement, or unnecessary hassle. This problem becomes compounded when coding unexpectedly changes and your coding is suddenly deemed out-of-date by an insurance provider.

ICD 9, the currently used version of the International Classification of Diseases, is the 9th revision of the original version that was adopted by the United States in 1979. Current and future health care demands are broader in scope, but require more overall specificity when it comes to coding.

While ICD 9 was primarily focused on reimbursement, ICD 10 is an attempt to utilize this system for assessing the overall quality of care by tracking various diagnoses within the framework of their social and situational context. In essence, the inherent limitations of ICD 9 coding not only get in the way of proving the best care for the patient, it is also limited in its ability to code for the severity of an illness, which all-too-often leads to payment errors and processing delays.

ICD 10 seeks to mitigate these issues by increasing the overall number of codes, but if you’re not prepared for the upcoming switch to ICD 10, you could easily find yourself well behind the learning curve, especially when it comes to chiropractic codes.

Chiropractic Codes

Easily Find the ICD 10 Codes Chiropractic Professionals Use

Our daily-updated online Digital Coding software is chiropractic-specific, making it the number one tool of choice for chiropractors all over the country. With ICD 10 mere months away from implementation, even more chiropractic professionals are realizing the advantages of our powerful tools, designed and maintained specifically for their unique needs and challenges.

Additionally, we offer continuing education and training seminars that dive deeper into the specifics of chiropractic ICD 10 codes, so that every member of your staff is armed with the tools they need to keep your income flowing steadily.

As ICD 10 chiropractic coding matures over the time, it will undoubtedly face ever-increasing changes and updates. For this reason, it is essential that you and your staff stay abreast of the changes to avoid costly coding errors and the risk of non-reimbursement.

How do you find the chiropractic codes you’re looking for with our 2015 Digital Coding Directory? However you want. The database contains all chiropractic-specific neuromusculoskelatal diagnosis and you can search for each by key word, body region, or the actual diagnosis code. All chiropractic codes are mapped with both ICD 9 and ICD 10 classifications, making it possible for you to get a head-start on all of the changes that will be implemented on October 1st.

For only $119.99 you can enjoy the ease and simplicity of Digital Coding for finding the chiropractic ICD 10 codes you need to get paid. There are no monthly recurring charges, and you get all of the benefits that come with membership, including chiropractic code video tutorials, modifiable office forms, and a fully customizable dashboard.

Don’t let ICD 10 catch you off guard. We can help you stay informed so that you get paid.