Chiropractic Continuing Education

Chiropractic Continuing Education

  • Our Chiropractic Seminars are designed specifically for chiropractors
  • To maximize reimbursements you must fully understand billing and coding
  • Our seminars are state-specific with custom tailored information to help you meet your unique challenges.

Billing and reimbursement are key elements of your chiropractic business. With the implementation of ICD 10 in October of 2015, coding will become more than simply a means for reimbursement, but will also help you manage the ongoing care of your patients.

Still, you deserve to be paid the maximum dollar amount for the treatments you provide, and this is where education becomes a vital aspect of the chiropractic billing process. As the transition from ICD 9 to ICD 10 goes into effect, you and your staff need to stay at the forefront of billing and coding practices, and there is no better way to do this than through our chiropractic continuing education seminars and webinars.

HJ Ross Company continues to forge new frontiers in the billing, coding, and reimbursement arena, by offering the only internet-based tools specifically designed for chiropractic professionals. For more than 30 years we’ve taken the time to listen to chiropractors just like you, which has resulted in products that boast real-world usability and functionality.

Best of all, we offer Chiropractic seminars and continuing education classes that will help you and your staff refine your billing and coding procedures, which equates to a more streamlined workflow and a healthier bottom line.

Getting Started with Chiropractic CE

Our chiropractor seminars are meticulously designed by Dynamic Chiropractic’s billing expert, which guarantees that you will receive the most comprehensive course available in today’s industry. In many ways, navigating the complexities of insurance reimbursement requires a blend of knowledge and intuition. The goal of our chiropractic seminars is to offer you both, so that you maximize reimbursements via ethical and sound billing practices.

Our chiropractic continuing education services includes our in-person Essentials Seminar, and Online Webinars designed to help you in a variety of useful ways.
Chiropractic Seminars

Comprehensive Live Chiropractic Seminars are a Great Place to Start

Our Chiropractic Essentials Seminar is held all over the country from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. These chiropractic seminars are designed to help your business achieve success, and they cover a full spectrum of knowledge-based educational topics. Additionally, we are continuously updating our program to reflect changes in the industry, such as the common code conversions from ICD 9 to ICD 10.

To help you achieve maximum reimbursements from the insurance companies, our Chiropractic CE seminars cover topics that include:

  • Health Care Reform & Essential Health Benefits & Updates for 2015
  • Increasing Revenue Flow
  • Health Care Reform Made Easy
  • Active Care Support Plan
  • Audit Survival Guide
  • Insurance Billing from A to Z
  • State Specific Workers’ Compensation
  • Medicare Step-by-Step
  • Personal Injury Crash Course
  • Incorporating Cash
  • Documenting & Providing Medical Necessity

Keep in mind that this is just a general overview of the subjects we tackle in our chiropractic continuing education program. Additionally, we are fully-versed in the state chiropractic law of every location we visit, so our chiropractic seminars are custom-suited to your location-specific needs and concerns.

This is important, because a generic chiropractic CE class will fall short of the mark for many coding and billing issues you may face on a daily basis.

In all of our seminars we seek to peer into the near-future of chiropractic medicine, so that you can anticipate changes before they happen. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your revenue flow being interrupted for any reason, and this is especially important with the complex ICD 10 revision just around the corner.

Online Webinars Designed to Help You Stay Up to Date

You can also take advantage of our regularly scheduled professional webinars, which cover a wide range of topics relevant to your chiropractic practice. Top experts in the chiropractic industry will present exciting and informative programs built to help you succeed.

Eliminate Worry about Your Transition from ICD 9 to ICD 10

A key element of our current chiropractor seminars is dealing with the upcoming change from ICD 9 to ICD 10. Additionally, we provide all of our subscribers with an ICD 9/10 conversion tool, specifically designed to help you make the transition with as little disruption as possible.

ICD 10 is a significant upgrade over the ICD 9 protocols, but for the uninitiated it may seem cumbersome and overwhelming. Because our products and seminars focus solely on chiropractic medicine, we eliminate much of the background noise associated with ICD 10. In fact, our continuing education seminars will provide you with an inside edge when it comes to billing and coding, so that you have a firm understanding of how to use ICD 10 to your own advantage.

Indeed, our number one priority is to help you maximize your profits while you continue to offer your patients the best in chiropractic care. Our chiropractic seminars will help you do just that, while keeping you abreast of the rapidly changing face of chiropractic coding and billing.